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Light Trance Work with 'Tapping' and/or Laser Treatment

Whether you realize it or not many of the decisions you make are unconsciously based on how your unconscious mind views your experiences. Habits and belief patterns that are created throughout your life can radically affect your emotional and physical wellbeing present time. We usually can't consciously change these instinctive visceral response patterns ourselves, but with Creating Your Life Coaching and Wellness you can.


Unfortunately messages and beliefs from the past (sometimes 'past live') that are stored in the nervous system, are not always relevant to the present and can be limiting. They can be distorted with time.


With 'Regression Therapy' the experiences and patterns of belief and accompanying behaviors stored away can be brought to the surface. Once they are known, they can be released from the visceral body and nervous system with tapping or laser treatments. Our natural strengths and skills which may have been overlooked or under-used can then be restored.


It is therefore extremely effective in a wide range of problems which involve our emotional, mental and physical health, our motivations and the ways we respond to people or situations. Removing these barriers in our nervous system is life changing!


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