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How Does The LZR7™ Work?


The LZR7™ system scans over 100,000 different points of interest including your organs, endocrine system, nervous system, digestion, hormones, heavy metals and pesticides to name a few. Essentially your whole body is scanned in relation to any allergens or metabolic sensitivities you may have. The patient's positive responses are uploaded into the state-of-the-art Class III Healthcare Induction Laser. The laser houses the scanned frequencies. As the patient is exposed, the laser will stimulate specific nerve bundles while simultaneously going through a process known as Immune Conditioning. Immune Conditioning is performed to stimulate those specific nerve bundles in order to re-educate the body's immune response to not act inappropriately when exposed to the substance. Our laser system differs from traditional treatments by painlessly and effectively identifying abnormal reactions, re-educating the immune response and once addressed, patients can enjoy their lives symptom free.


The LZR7™ Laser Allergy Relief System is a holistic alternative for reducing stresses in the body including allergies and other inflammation conditions.  This advanced technology provides an effective, fast, and painless procedure (without needles or drugs) for addressing all kinds of allergies.


The LZR7™ system supports health and wellness for our bodies as the balancing process provides:

--Reduced Inflammation

--Clears Cellular Memory

--Balances the Body Systems

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